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Hot spring bath become new fashion for Tibetans to celebrate New Year

2019-01-08 10:37:00China Tibet Online

Today, in Tibet, during the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, many people are choosing a healthier way to spend the New Year: to take a hot spring bath.

Layue Village is located in Lulang Town, Bayi District of Nyingchi City, southeast Tibet. It enjoys convenient road conditions, a pleasant climate, and is rich in geothermal resources, making it a famous “hometown of hot springs”. During the winter season, it is still green and beautiful, and is a natural “oxygen bar”.

“At this time, hot springs are especially beneficial to the body. The water of the Layue Hot Springs is colorless and transparent. There are more than a dozen microelements that are beneficial to the human body, which have good effects on rheumatoid arthritis, stomach diseases, hyperosteogeny, and other ailments. They can also lower blood pressure; the effect varies from person to person. Therefore, there are many people who come to the hot springs at this time,” spa manager Wei Dong said.

Due to the unique geographical location of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibet is rich in geothermal resources, and hot springs are scattered all over the region. Famous hot springs include the Yangbajain Hot Spring, Dechong Hot Spring, Kangbu Hot Spring, and Rutog Hot Spring. It is believed that with the arrival of Tibet winter tourism activities and the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, hot springs bath will become a new fashion for Tibetans and tourists to spend the New Year.

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