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Figures reflect Lhasa's changes over four decades

2019-01-04 10:06:00chinadaily.com.cn

Lhasa, the capital city of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, has been developing steadily and rapidly in the past four decades thanks to the nation's reform and opening-up process, according to Lhasa municipal government.

According to official statistics released by Lhasa City Government, the city's gross regional domestic production in 2017 hit more than 47.9 billion yuan ($ 6.9 billion). The figure was 206 times higher than the 1978 figure.

The city's total fixed-asset investment exceeded 61 billion yuan in 2017, and the data was 777 times higher than the 1978 figure.

The total retail sales of consumer goods in 2017 exceeded more than 25.8 billion yuan, and it was 276 times higher than the figure in 1978.

The general public budget revenue in 2017 was more than 8.9 billion yuan, 301 times than the 1978 figure.

The city's above-scale industrial added value hit 5.7 billion yuan in 2017, with year-on-year growth of 14.5 percent.

Urban per capita disposable income exceeded more than 32,400 yuan in 2017, a 10 percent increase, year-on-year.

The rural per capitadisposableincome was 12,994 yuan in 2017, 87 times higher than the 1978 figure.

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