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Tibetan sheepskin coats sell well in Lhasa

2019-01-09 10:20:00China Tibet Online

After the heavy snow and the coming of Winter Solstice, Tibetan sheepskin coats, which are warm and made of currently popular materials, are beloved by citizens of Lhasa, Tibet this winter.

On December 25, reporters saw a number of Tibetan clothing stores in Barkhor Street with various imitation Tibetan sheepskin coats and handmade, pure lambskin coats placed in the most prominent positions at the doorways to the stores.

Generally, visitors to Tibet would choose to customize Tibetan-style leather jackets to experience Tibetan characteristics. “Tibetan sheepskin coats have been improved and incorporate many modern design elements. More and more tourists are buying Tibetan sheepskin coats to give as gifts for friends and family,” a store owner on Barkhor Street said.

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