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Migrants to the plateau more suited for sports such as circle dance: research

2020-12-29 10:05:00China Tibet Online

Circle dance is the most common dance in Tibet, and local people can dance anytime and anywhere.

On November 27, the reporter learned from the Plateau Brain Science Research Center of Tibet University that under the hypoxic environment of Tibet at an altitude of 3,600 to 3,800 meters, moderate exercise of people living on the plateau can increase the body’s oxygen-carrying capacity, thereby effectively improving cognitive function, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing depression, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms, and these people are especially suited for traditional Tibetan circle dance in the plateau environment.

From September to December 2019, Ma Hailin’s research team tested 130 college students who had migrated to the plateau. These subjects were all from plain areas below 1,000 meters.

The research team used physiology, behavior, EEG, magnetic resonance imaging, and other technical methods to systematically test the subjects’ diet, sleep, exercise status, disease, cognitive function, and brain structure in order to explore the effects of long-term exposure to high altitudes. They paid attention to the physiological and neural basis of functional changes.

The experiment also recruited 40 Han immigrant college students from the plains to test the effects of long-term high altitude circle dance exercise on their physiological and cognitive functions. The students trained in traditional Tibetan circle dance for 15 times over 40 days. The study has found that circle dance training can effectively improve the physiological and cognitive function of college students who have migrated from the plains.

Mr. Ma, deputy director of the Plateau Brain Science Research Center of Tibet University said that traditional Tibetan circle dance is sometimes cheerful and sometimes soothing, which is very suitable for dancing on the plateau. Circle dance exercise can not only improve the physiological and cognitive functions, but also effectively relieve negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.

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