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"Old Photos, New Tibet" (Ⅵ) published

2019-07-23 10:24:00China Tibet Online

Recently, a large-scale documentary photo series titled Old Photos, New Tibet (Ⅵ) was published by the Tibet People's Publishing House.

Since 2013, Old Photos, New Tibet has been published six successive times. This particular series combines literature, photography, and documentation. It tells many stories of the People's Liberation Army's march into Tibet, liberation of Tibet, and the building of Tibet. It also shows the unique scenery and customs and the development of various fields in Tibet.

The front cover of Old Photos, New Tibet (Ⅵ)

The flyleaf of Old Photos, New Tibet (Ⅵ)

The front covers of Old Photos, New Tibet (Ⅰ) through (Ⅵ)

Editor: Tommy Tan.


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