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5 Tibetan children receive free heart surgery in central China

2019-08-12 10:05:00China Tibet Online

On August 6, five children with congenital heart disease from Lhoka City in the Tibet Autonomous Region underwent surgery at the Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital in Wuhan City, capital city of central China's Hubei Province. After the surgery, their heart disease will be cured once and for all, and will begin a new healthy life.

On July 12, the Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital organized a team of medical experts to go to Tibet and carry out screenings and treatment for children with congenital heart disease. A total of more than 200 people were screened. Five children were diagnosed with congenital heart disease and scheduled for free surgery. After spending 44 hours on the train and traveling a distance of 3,500 kilometers, these five Tibetan children with congenital heart disease arrived in Wuhan on August 2.

Pema Kamdrol, who is two years and eight months old, was one of the children to Wuhan. She is from Chusum County in Lhoka City.

The economic situation for Pema Kamdrol's family is difficult. Her mother, Tsering Sedron, farms at home, and their main income is based on her father, Tenzin Dorji. In order to avoid missing the optimal window for surgery, the hospital applied for her free surgery as soon as possible and developed a surgical plan based on her condition. Currently, all five Tibetan children's operations have been completed.

It is understood that incidence rate of congenital heart disease is significantly higher in Tibet than that in low-altitude areas due to lack of oxygen at the high altitude. Over the past eight years, Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital has traveled to Lhoka and Chamdo five times and provided free screenings to over 2,100 children. More than 30 children with congenital heart disease have received free heart surgeries.

Editor: Tommy Tan.




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