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Plateau green city in the eye of a Sri Lankan visitor

2019-08-02 15:33:00China Tibet Online

"I like eating noodles and lamb here. I want to bring it back for my friends!" Brown-skinned, white-haired Indrananda Abeysekara, who has been to Xining, capital city of northwest China's Qinghai Province four times, is very familiar with everything here.

As the president of the Sri Lanka-China Association for Social and Cultural Cooperation, Abeysekara has been to many cities in China. "China's speed of development is amazing," he said. He said that unlike other cities, Xining has more "green changes". "Every time I come to Xining, I can feel the harmonious development of the city with the ecology. I hope to learn from Xining's development, which is very helpful for Sri Lanka's development."

"A lot of friends are doing business with the Chinese. They have gained a lot of successful experiences from the Chinese," Abeysekara said. He said Sri Lanka is now facing ecological problems such as preventing pollution and managing water, and he hopes to be able to find solutions to these problems from Xining's green development experience.

Editor: Tommy Tan. 


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