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CPPCC member: to consolidate achievements in preventing and treating Kaschin-Beck disease

2022-03-10 14:24:00China Tibet Online

Kaschin-Beck disease, an “endemic disease” with a long history in Tibet Autonomous Region, has long been one of the main reasons for people to become impoverished and return to poverty. Over the years, Tibet has adopted comprehensive prevention and treatment measures such as supplementing selenium and vitamin, replacing grain, relocation, etc. At the same time, the region also strengthens disease monitoring in Kaschin-Beck disease areas, and dynamically grasps changes in the disease, thus effectively curbing the epidemic trend of the disease.

According to Chen Jun, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and mayor of Chamdo City, Tibet, since 2021, Chamdo has implemented accurate screening and precise treatment of Kaschin-Beck disease patients across the city, finding a new path for the prevention and treatment of Kaschin-Beck disease.

“In 2021, the city carried out drug treatment for 2,244 patients, and perform surgical treatment for 128 cases, exceeding the target and task of surgical treatment issued by the autonomous region in 2021,” Chen Jun said.

In order to further promote the treatment and rescue of Kaschin-Beck disease patients, Chamdo has carried out preoperative examinations for 200 people and surgical treatment for 101 people since August 2021. In particular, by using 5G information technology and artificial intelligence at the People’s Hospital of Peking University, the expert team of the Fujian Provincial Aid-Tibet Medical Team performed hip replacement surgery for a Kaschin-Beck disease patient in the People’s Hospital of Karuo District, allowing the patient to enjoy top medical service at home. At the same time, a municipal-level rescue expert group was established to carry out regular inspections, on-demand consultations and remote guidance, improving the city’s patients-treating ability to better meet the needs of patients.

“We will adhere to the principle of not missing a single household and a single person, and will make every effort to carry out rescue and relief operations for the health and well-being of the people.” Chen Jun said.

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