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9 children with congenital heart disease from Sichuan rehabilitated

2018-12-24 15:11:00China Tibet Online

Nine children with congenital heart disease from Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Sichuan Province were discharged from the Shanghai Oriental Hospital on December 19 in east China.

That day, the Congenital Heart Disease Children's Aid Base (Shanghai) was also unveiled in the hospital.

Liu Zhongmin, director of the Oriental Hospital, said that this means that more children with congenital heart disease from poorer areas in China will be able to undergo charity surgery at Oriental Hospital in the future.

Congenital Heart Disease is one of the common congenital malformations in children. At various stages of these children's growth and development, they are prone to repeated respiratory infections, growth retardation, and poor physical strength. Therefore, it is critical that a child diagnosed with congenital heart disease is operated on as soon as possible.

In mid-September of this year, the "One Heart: China Heart" charity event was launched in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan. More than 160 medical experts from all over the country conducted free clinics, screened for the diseases, and gave science lectures for local residents. The group of experts carried out screening work for congenital heart disease in children in Markam, Lithang, and Xiaojin County successively.

As of the end of this year, the Oriental Hospital has performed charity heart surgery on more than 1,500 impoverished children and adults from 22 provinces including Yunnan, Guizhou, and Tibet. These have changed the fates of the patients and their families.

Editor: Tommy Tan.






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