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Tibet promotes protection of ancient texts

2021-02-08 10:07:00China Tibet Online

In order to do a good job in the census and protection of ancient texts in Tibet Autonomous Region, and to make ancient texts come alive, recently, Tsedan Puchi, the director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Library, led a group to form a research team and went to Lhoka and Nyingchi to carry out field investigations in ancient text collection units selected for the “Sixth National List of Rare and Ancient Texts”.

The investigation centered on the storage status and protection management of the precious ancient texts selected for the National List of Rare and Ancient Texts, and made preliminary communication on the digitization and restoration intentions of the texts. Rescue arrangement and protection of ancient texts and documents recently unearthed by some ancient text collection units was carried out; at the same time, guidance on protection, arrangement and utilization of unearthed ancient texts was made, laying the foundation for the next step in the restoration and protection of ancient texts.

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