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Highest “Tibetan Medicine Museum” completed and opened

2020-12-11 15:43:00China Tibet Online

The world’s highest “Tibetan Medicine Museum” was completed and opened in Mt. Tanggula Town at the source of the Yangtze River. Mt. Tanggula Town is located in the core area of the Sanjiangyuan Reserve in Qinghai Province, and it sits at an average elevation of over 4,700 meters, making it the highest town in the world.

Due to special natural geographical conditions, chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia are gradually increasing among herders living in the Town, and various altitude sicknesses are more common. Although Golmud City has solved most basic medical and public health problems for the people here, the health literacy of the people and even the local medical staff still needs to be improved. The prevention and control of chronic diseases in pastoral areas is difficult.

To this end, the Mt. Tanggula Town Health Center in Golmud built a “Tibetan Medicine Museum” based on actual conditions, which aims to give full play to the advantages and role of Tibetan medicine in the prevention and treatment of common and frequently occurring diseases at the local level in pastoral areas. It also aims to increase the inheritance and development of Tibetan medicine and further reduce the medical burden on herdsmen and alleviate problems of “difficult and expensive medical treatment” among local people.

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