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“Internet plus” helps build a new modern Tibet: Professor

2020-09-09 16:09:00China Tibet Online

“Through the analysis of media accounts in Tibet Autonomous Region, we find that the new media platforms have provided better news and public services for farmers and herdsmen in Tibet.”Said Tu Lingbo, a professor with the Communication University of China on the International Online Forum on Telling Stories of Tibet held on September 4.

The professor discussed the role of “Internet plus” in promoting the construction of a new modern Tibet, noting that it is a step in implementing President Xi Jinping’s instruction that more work, measures and support are needed to consolidate the achievements made in poverty alleviation.

According to Tu Lingbo, up to now, the Internet penetration rate in Tibet Autonomous Region has reached 61%, just a little bit lower than the national average of 64.5%. Besides, in “Internet Plus” era, new media such as e-commerce, live streaming and short videos have played a big role in not only informing young consumers, promoting delicacies and local customs, but also creating a new mode of poverty alleviation through consumption.

Therefore, “Internet plus” media has been and should be an important platform to display Tibet's new image to the outside world. Tu stressed that local news media should focus on releasing authoritative information as well as promoting Tibetan cultural brands through new communication channels.

Tu Lingbo believes that in an era of video transmission, Tibet-related information also needs to be visualized for better transmission in the future.


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