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Spring ploughing begins in a village in Tibet

2022-03-29 15:25:00China Tibet Online

On March 15th, Xierong Village in Caina Township, Chushur County, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, plowed this year’s first furrow in the first day of the spring ploughing season. As agricultural area in the Lhasa River Valley ushered in the spring ploughing ceremony, sounds of cultivators, rotary cultivators and land levelers, etc. broke the peace of highland fields.

In Xierong Village about 50 kilometers away from Lhasa, at about 10 o’ clock, with the mulberry smoke rising in the field, the villagers were striving to present their white Khadas to the cultivator operator. As the cultivator moved around in the field, the silver plowshare dug up the fertile soil that has slept the whole winter.

In early spring, the early morning of the snowy plateau is still cold. Under the blue sky and white cloud, the peasants wearing clean and neat Tibetan clothes were operating their new-dressed agricultural equipment.

Xierong Village, with well-built farmlands on both sides of roads, has entered the era of modern mechanization. The villagers drove modern cultivators dressed with bright five-star red flags and Khadas, which became the most beautiful landscape in the field.

“In the past, we used yak to cultivate the land. It took a few days. Now with the machine, it is much easier. The government provides us with subsidies for grasslands, planting highland barley and buying agricultural machines. We are also provided with quality seeds. Now we have a good harvest in almost every year.” Said a villager named Suolangqupei.

Today, with the construction of high standard farmland and popularity of agricultural machinery, Tibet is gradually mechanized in agricultural industry. According to Dorje, the Party secretary of Xierong Village, all households in the village have agricultural machines, and the village implement a unified seed allocation, planting and harvesting with machines, greatly reducing the labor force. The villagers can go out to work and the pure income of farmers and herds in 2021 reached 21,000 yuan.

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