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Ngari: a microcosm of changes in China’s borderlands

2018-12-24 09:59:00China Tibet Online

Chusong Village, a remote village more than 2,000 kilometers from Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in Chulu Songjie Township, Zanda County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet. “Chusong” means “land formed by a dried-up lake” in Tibetan. The altitude here is about 4,000 meters above sea level, and snow cover on the mountains lasts for half a year, making this a veritable “snow island”. In the past, it is really hard to get here. However, today, when you see the brand new, white, two-story buildings and the old houses nearby, you see how dramatically China’s border regions have changed. They record the changes of the times and tell stories about change.

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