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Tibet trains more high-level Tibetan medicine talent

2019-12-10 09:55:00China Tibet Online

Lin Xianjia, who graduated in 1992, is now the dean, professor, and doctoral supervisor of the Tibetan Medicine School at Qinghai University and has become an expert in Tibetan medicine.

Khowangyel, a doctor of the Tibetan Medicine Department of the People's Hospital of Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, rooted in the grass-roots level and produces more than 300 Tibetan medicines to relieve the pains of the local people.


This is the epitome of the talents trained by the Tibet Tibetan Medicine University since its founding 30 years ago.

"We have cultivated both high-end leading personnel in Tibetan medicine and grass-roots personnel who serve the masses. Most of the backbone of Tibetan medicine hospital or Tibetan medicine departments have graduated from our school," Mima, vice president of the Tibet Tibetan Medicine University, said proudly.

"In recent years, graduate education has made groundbreaking progress, especially last year when the university was awarded a doctoral degree granting unit. This year, we recruited the first group of nine doctoral students, marking the establishment of a complete system of higher education in Tibetan medicine," Mima said.

The university currently has 31 doctoral teachers and 105 master's teachers.

"PhD doctoral education began in 2004. At that time, we jointly carried out the training of doctoral students in Tibetan medicine with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After years of continuous exploration, reform, and development, the university's graduate education has been developed comprehensively. All aspects of the education are in accordance with the standards of the postgraduate teaching and education system of the Ministry of Education," Mima said.

Mima said that at present, 265 postgraduate and 33 co-educated doctoral students have graduated from the university.

Editor: Tommy Tan.




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