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8-year-old Tibetan girl with congenital heart disease gets free surgery in Beijing

2019-12-03 11:10:00China Tibet Online

A little Tibetan girl was lying in a bed at the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Beijing Capital Institute of Pediatrics, with her big eyes open and looking around shyly.

Her name is Lobsang Chozom, and she is a patient from Tibet who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease during a free clinic organized by the "One Heart: China Hearts" public welfare program.

Now, she has successfully undergone a free surgery and is recovering well.  

On November 21, Wei Dan, deputy director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, said in an interview: "Lobsang Chozom is 8 years old and comes from Tangjia Township Central Primary School in Medrogongkar County. I remember when this little girl sat alone in the ward waiting for her father who was handling the hospitalization procedure, she was also quiet and well behaved."

According to Wei Dan, in recent years, the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Beijing Capital Institute of Pediatrics has treated a large number of patients with congenital heart disease from Tibet and Tibetan-inhabited areas, and they have extensive experience in both medical technology and medical care services.

"This is the fourth group of Tibetan children admitted to our hospital for free surgery this year. I am happiest when I can send a healthy child home from the hospital. I feel proud to be able to contribute to their health."

Lobsang Chozom's father cherishes the opportunity to come to Beijing for the free surgery and supports the work of the medical staff at the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Beijing Capital Institute of Pediatrics. Although he cannot speak Chinese, he asked Basang, the principal of Tangjia Township Central Primary School, who accompanies his child to Beijing to thank the medical staff.

"My child and I will actively cooperate with the doctors for treatment, and thanks very much to Beijing's doctors."

During a few days of treatment, the enthusiastic medical staff of the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Beijing Capital Institute won the trust of Lobsang Chozom. She snuggled in Wei Dan's arms and replied shyly to the reporter than the wound was no longer painful, and she has recovered.

According to Wei Dan, Lobsang Chozom successfully underwent cardiac surgery on November 18. The day after the operation, she was able to be up and about, and the child's mental and physical conditions were recovering well. Next, doctors need to further observe and review her case, and she will be discharged from the hospital once her laboratory indicators are normal.

It is understood that in order to help solve the financial burden for patients to the greatest extent, while in the process of helping children with congenital heart disease, the organizing committee of "One Heart: China Hearts" bears all transportation and living expenses of the patients and their accompanying family members.

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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