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“Big Health + New Retail” explores new path for health industry development

2021-01-07 09:40:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the “Big Health & New Retail” 2020 Tibet Big Health Industry Forum was held in Lhasa. Representatives from government, business, and industrial entities gathered to discuss the new path for the development of Tibet’s health industry.  

Tibet is the “Third Pole of the Earth”. Boasting the cleanest air, soil, and water in the world, and with abundant ecological food, medicinal materials, and natural water resources, Tibet is well known for its charming medicinal health system and rich, folk culture.  

Tibet’s Big Health industry has unique advantages, so how can they combine the health industry with new retail? In this regard, Long Dake, director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Supply and Marketing Cooperative, believes that by relying on the Internet and the use of advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence , Tibet can open up new online and offline retail markets. Besides, by encouraging health companies to focus on user experience apart from brand cultivation they can promote online and offline integration, optimize consumption paths.  

“The in-depth integration of online services, offline experiences, and interactive communication channels can better integrate Tibet’s health industry with new retail and expand the visibility and influence of Tibet’s health product brands and businesses,” Long Dake said.


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