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A new landmark of Tibetan culture

2021-02-05 11:13:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, the highest altitude museum in the world, opened to the public.

The museum is located in the Cijuelin Cultural and Creative Park on the southern bank of the Lhasa River. The main building has five floors.

Currently, the main exhibition areas on the first and second floors are open to visitors, with more than 50 national-level intangible cultural heritage projects, including astronomy calendars, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan paper and print engraving, textile techniques, traditional costumes. Thangka, Tibetan incense, and leather boats. The interactive experience area on the fifth floor is a highlight of the whole building. There is a great viewing angle here overlooking the Potala Palace and the Lhasa River Valley.

The Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is currently in the trial operation stage. It is open to the public for free every Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Mondays.

According to instructor Cang Zhen, the future collections of the Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum will be more abundant and the interactive experience will continue to be improved. By then, in addition to admiring the intangible cultural heritage items on display, visitors can also “try on” traditional costumes through somatosensory interactive photo games and listen to Tibetan opera and Gesar chants through professional headphones.

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