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    People visit forest of ginkgo trees in east China's Shandong 2018-11-14 | From:Xinhua

    People visit a forest of ginkgo trees in Jiawan Village of Tancheng County, Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province, Nov. 13, 2018

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    [Video] Sweet teahouses 2018-11-07 | From:China Tibet Online

    In Tibetan language, the verb tong, meaning "to drink", is used for both nouns "tea" and "noodles".

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    Picturesque scenery of red leaves 2018-11-08 | From:China Tibet Online

    The autumn red leaves in Lixian county, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, together with snow-capped mountains and forests, constitute a magical and poetic dream corridor.

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    Tibetan chicken farm: growing business to fight poverty 2018-11-06 | From:China Tibet Online

    One local industry promoting local economy and enriching local residents.

  • Nagqu holds skill training course for herders 2018-10-31 | From:China Tibet Online

    In order to better fight against poverty and to improve the residents' ability to get rich, Nagqu City has recently conducted short-term training classes for herders.

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    Guardians of the "Sky Road" 2018-10-31 | From:China Tibet Online

    Since the guardian team of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was established in 2006, not a security accident has ever happened due to their hard work.

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    The joy of harvest 2018-10-31 | From:China Tibet Online

    In the past few years, Nyemo county in southwest China's Tibet has carried out organic farming reform.

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    Autumn plough starts in Tibet 2018-10-31 | From:China Tibet Online

    As the autumn harvest comes to an end, people across rural areas in Tibet are busy with autumn plough again.