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Photo exhibition in London to mark 40 years of China's reform, opening up

2018-12-11 10:38:06Xinhua

  A photography exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up is launched on Monday at London's Kings Cross Station.

  Passengers view a photography exhibition at London's Kings Cross Station in London, Britain, Dec. 10, 2018. [Photo: Xinhua]

  The Reform and Dreams exhibition, commissioned by the China International Culture & Image Communication Corporation, features 80 stunning photographs taken over the last 40 years by photographers with Xinhua News Agency, China's biggest and most influential media organisation.

  "Never before has such a unique photographic celebration of China's reform and opening up been brought to London," said Gu Zhenqiu, head of Xinhua's London bureau, in the opening speech.

  Among the exhibits, 60 images depict changes in the daily life in China since 1978 while 20 showcase the close relationship between China and the United Kingdom over what has proven to be an extraordinary time of change to China's development.

  Passengers view a photography exhibition at London's Kings Cross Station in London, Britain, Dec. 10, 2018. [Photo: Xinhua]

  "This exhibition tells the stories of the lives of the ordinary Chinese people for whom past four decades have meant so much. Every Chinese person has played their part in these 40 years of history. Their dreams have converged to form the irresistible power that has propelled China's development," Gu noted.

  He added that "We want to show a developing China, and the optimism and enthusiasm of Chinese people in the process of this development."

  Xiang Xiaowei, cultural counselor with the Chinese Embassy in UK, expressed the hope that the exhibition would help British audiences better understand China's reform and opening up.

  "At this important moment when we celebrate the 40th anniversary, it is undoubtedly very important, not only to the Chinese people but also to the world, to review the process of China's reform and opening up, to sum up experiences and learn the lessons in this process that has paved the way in search for effective governance for all mankind," Xiang said.

  Andy Golding, a professional photographer who has visited China many times, was interested in the old black and white photos and impressed with the technological changes that took place very rapidly in China.

  "This show offers a glimpse into the history which now seems so remote in China. This makes a very attractive proposition and also an insight into the way that things changed so much," he said.

  Golding also gave credit to China International Culture & Image Communication Corporation for drawing strength from its technological prowess and innovation and offering cultural and image products that cater to the new media market and audience.

  "It works to provide a new platform to help improve the mutual understanding of China and the rest of the world," he noted.

  The free-entry exhibition will last till Dec. 16.

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