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China allocates fund for landslide-hit areas

2018-12-10 09:55:00Xinhua

China's central government allocated 260 million yuan (37.68 million U.S. dollars) to Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and Tibet Autonomous Region Friday to help local residents affected by landslides in November.

The money, allocated by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Emergency Management, will be used for relocating and subsidizing affected residents, as well as rebuilding damaged houses, in an effort to ensure affected residents have a safe and warm winter.

A landslide struck the border area of Sichuan and Tibet on Nov. 3. About a month ago, another landslide occurred on the same site, forming a barrier lake near a section of the Jinsha River.

The ministries have said residents in the disaster-hit areas have been relocated with adequate materials for basic living. Damage evaluation, production and living rehabilitation, as well as the reconstruction of damaged buildings are underway.

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