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“Pandita” Series Application Software for Tibetan Information Processing Released

2024-06-07 10:51:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the product launch event of the “Pandita” series applications from the only national key laboratory in the area of Tibetan information processing was held in Xining, Qinghai Province. 6 application softwares developed by the laboratory were released together, including Pandita Translation, Pandita Dictionary, Pandita Recognition, Pandita Picture Translation, Pandita Literature, and Pandita Tibetan Medicine. 

In the picture is the site of the product launch event. 

It is understood that Pandita Translation integrates machine translation technology with multiple strategies for automatic sentence division and word segmentation of Tibetan text. The accuracy rate of the translation is higher than 90%. The Pandita Dictionary includes more than 700,000 words and has functions such as fuzzy search and association with keywords. Tibetan and Chinese can be searched easily and text can be detected automatically. Pandita Recognition is embedded with a smart and accurate recognition model. Tibetan text and layout mixed with Tibetan with multiple formats, fonts, and scenarios can be detected and recognized. 

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