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【Craftsmen in Xizang】Garma Qoigyai -- Do Academic Research on Tibetan Medicine with Originality

2024-05-10 16:41:00China Tibet Online

As an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine is praised as one of the most complete and influential medicine of national minorities. Garma Qoigyai is the Director and Associate Chief Physician of the Rheumatism and Osteopathy Department, Shannan Tibetan Medicine Hospital. He brings innovation and energy to the Tibetan medicine undertaking.

Garma Qoigyai was born in Shannan, Xizang. He became quite interested in Tibetan medicine when he was young. He developed many kinds of new therapies and drugs independently, bringing new hope for treatment to a lot of patients. His research results were filed as Tibetan medicine preparations, contributing to the modernization and standardization of Tibetan medicine.

In terms of clinical application, in the last 25 years, he treated more than 130,000 patients in the Outpatient Department and more than 3,900 hospitalized patients, bringing health and hope to them. He was trusted and praised by patients because of his excellent medical skills and spirit of selfless contribution.

He won the “Champa Trinley Youth Award” of the Science and Technology Progress Award in the field of Tibetan medicine in 2016 and the Special Contribution Award for Characteristic Therapy of Tibetan Medicine in “the 13th Five-year Plan” period (2016-2020) and obtained 3 patents for utility models.

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