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Tibetan translation software app launched

2019-11-29 11:08:00China Tibet Online

“Tibetan Translation”, a translation software application developed via artificial intelligence translation, speech recognition synthesis, and other technologies, has recently been launched.

This application is targeted at intelligent Tibetan translation and aims to serve Tibet Autonomous Region and Tibetan-inhabited areas in Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, and Yunnan provinces by meeting Tibetan translation needs anytime, anywhere.

“Tibetan Translation” was jointly developed by Tibet Gaochi Technology Co., Ltd and Chengdu Iflytek Co., Ltd. Its main functions are text translation, language settings, speech translation, and text reading. It provides users with professional Tibetan broadcaster voices and text display functions, and it will continue to improve the Tibetan dialect database and ensure the accuracy of translation.

A person in charge of products at Tibet Gaochi Technology Co., Ltd said that “Tibetan Translation” has AI offline intelligent translation function, so it can still be used even when there is no network.

The “Tibetan Translation” app has been launched in the major application markets of iOS and Android.

There is few Tibetan-Chinese translation software on the market currently. “Tibetan Translation” is an entry point for the application of intelligent voice technology for the information industry in Tibet. After the model is matured, it will be applied to scenarios such as “Internet + government service”, “smart medical care”, and “smart campuses”.

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