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Qinghai: tens of thousands of wild birds to overwinter in National Wetland Park

2020-12-15 09:32:00China Tibet Online

In the mid-winter season of December, the Dulan Lake Wetland Park in the Chaidam Basin welcomed tens of thousands of wild birds such as whooper swans and ruddy shelducks to live through the winter, adding beauty and agility to the Chaidam Basin in winter and showing its vitality.

Dulan Lake National Wetland Park is located in Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province in the Chaidam Basin, and it sits at an altitude of 2,937 meters above sea level. With abundant water sources and lush pastures, it is an ideal habitat for wild animals. Many animals such as black-necked cranes and goitered gazelles, which are national-level key protected animals, thrive here, forming a unique flora and fauna landscape.

“At the management and protection station, you can see different birds throughout the yearns,” Huo Deyun, a management and protection officer, said. He said that at the end of November this year, winter migratory birds successively flew into Dulan Lake Wetland Park. Due to better ecological environment, there have been more and more birds here.

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