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Agriculture park gives villagers skills and income

2020-08-03 10:04:00China Daily

Villagers learn modern farming skills and earn money by working in an agricultural industry park in Gengtsang township of Nyingchi city in the Tibet autonomous region.

The park was established in April last year as a poverty alleviation project. It employs more than 30 local agro-technicians and many residents.

An agro-technician receives an average salary of 4,500 yuan ($642) monthly, while ordinary staff members receive more because their work is heavier — a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan.

"We plant 13 kinds of fruits and vegetables," said Jiang Dewen, who is in charge of the park. We teach residents how to plant vegetables and fruit in the greenhouse, but the most important thing is to give them skills that they can share with others in the future."

More than 334 households in six nearby villages benefit from the project.

Lhamo Droma, 42, a resident of Tsachu in Gengtsang township, said she has been working for a year in the park, and now works as an agro-technician.

"In the first few months, I received a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan working as a staff member, and now my salary has increased to 4,500 yuan working as an agro-technician. … In two years, I plan to grow things at my home. I already know how to plant tomatoes, watermelons and other fruits in a greenhouse."

Kalsang Drolma, a resident of Pemadan in Gentsang township, said she was happy with her current job, as it's not far from her home. It's stable, and she can acquire skills.

"It is a good job. And after I have learned all the skills, I plan to share my knowledge of planting with other villagers."

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