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Tibet continues to reinforce reforestation in 2019

2019-12-18 10:55:00China Daily

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has continued its reinforcement of reforestation in the river valleys of the region's six major rivers in 2019, with more than 86,666 hectares of land planted with trees, China Tibet News reported on Monday.

This year, the regional government continued to promote its green landscaping work and accelerated planting more trees in the villages and communities.

With enhanced care and management, more trees have been planted and the survival of newly planted trees has been ensured.

The six rivers are Yarlung Zangpo, Salween, Lhasa Kyichu, Nyangchu, Yalong and Shiquan (Seng-ge Khabab).

Regarded as a main component of Tibet's ecological safety barrier, the region launched the reforestation project along the basins of the six rivers in 2014, and the range of the project involves all the region's seven cities and prefectures.

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