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Nyemo County,source of Tibetan incense

2020-09-25 16:39:00China Tibet Online

The first Tibetan Incense Cultural Tourism Festival grandly opened on September 21 in Nyemo County, Lhasa, Tibet .

As the the hometown of Tome Sambozha, the father of the Tibetan alphabet, Tunba Town in Nyemo County has advantaged natural resources, which made it the largest place of handmade Tibetan incense in Tibet. The “water mill Tibetan incense” produced here is recognized as the original source of Tibetan incense culture, and it has a long history.

Burning Tibetan incense.

The statue of Tome Sambozha in the Tunba Scenic Area.

According to legend, Tibetan incense was invented by Tome Sambozha, one of the seven sages of the Tubo era, around the 7th century. Taking advantage of the abundant water resources in the Tunqu River in his hometown, he invented a pure wood Tibetan incense processing machine, a water mill, in accordance with local conditions. He then passed down the incense-making technology by teaching it to people in his hometown.

Dried Tibetan incense is bundled and packaged.

The original processing machine for making Tibetan incense: the water mill.

An incense burning ceremony was held at the launching ceremony of the Cultural Tourism Festival.

Tourists and local residents visit the Nyemo Intangible Cultural Heritage Center.

Experiencing Nyemo intangible cultural heritage pottery making skills.

Tibetan incense sachets that are very popular among consumers.

Nyemo Tibetan incense is exhibited at the Cultural Tourism Festival.

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