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Tibet’s tourism recovers strongly

2021-01-29 15:24:00China Tibet Online

As the novel coronavirus pandemic has plunged the global tourism industry into a cold winter, Tibet, which is located on the “roof of the world”, is the first to smell the breath of spring.

In the first three quarters of 2020, Tibet Autonomous Region received 32.01 million domestic and foreign tourists and achieved a total tourism income of 33.49 billion yuan, showing a strong momentum of recovery.  

On November 8, 2020, the second Nanga Bawa Mountain Marathon began in Nyingchi City. 186 athletes participated in the plateau competition, attracting many visitors. Su Qi, a tourist from Guangdong Province, said, “Looking at the mountains and rivers of the snow-covered plateau, you can feel the unique ethnic culture and appreciate the unique charm of the frontiers of the motherland. How cannot you feel comfortable here!”  

“Tibet is no longer far away, and the proportion of self-driving travelers into Tibet has increased significantly this year,” said Wang Songping, director of the Tourism Development Department of Tibet Autonomous Region. “As of the end of 2019, Tibet has built more than 100,000 kilometers of highways and is accelerating a high-grade road network centered on Lhasa. Airports in Ngari, Chamdo, and other areas are undergoing reconstruction and expansion. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway officially started construction in early November, and electrification of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will also be carried out in future,” Wang said.  

On October 15, the Tibet Autonomous Region began its third year of “Tibet Winter Tour”, adopting measures such as free tickets to some scenic spots and half prices for hotels.

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