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Bird-watching festival held in Deqen

2018-12-24 16:31:00China Tibet Online

On December 19th, the five-day “2018 3rd Annual Shangri-La International Bird-Watching Festival” took place in Shangri-La City of Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Watching the birds’ flight, capturing spectacular moments... is all part of bird-watching in Deqen. In winter, Deqen has the magical Napa Sea and snow-covered meadows, where black-necked cranes, golden eagles, bar-headed geese and other rare birds frolic and play in the sonw-covered grass and on the water, adding vibrant life to the plateau meadows.

There’s over 300 species of birds recorded in Deqen Prefecture, with quite a few rare species among them.

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