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Xi Jinping at opening ceremonies of China International Import Expo

2020-11-09 09:59:00Xinhua

Chinese President Xi Jinping has delivered a keynote speech via video at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai.

Xi has addressed all three CIIE opening ceremonies since 2018. The following are some highlights of his speeches.

-- China's development, viewed through the lens of history, is an integral part of the lofty cause of human progress.

-- To use a metaphor, the Chinese economy is not a pond, but an ocean. The ocean may have its calm days, but big winds and storms are only to be expected. Without them, the ocean wouldn't be what it is. Big winds and storms may upset a pond, but never an ocean.

-- We need to promote development through opening up and deepen exchanges and cooperation among us. We need to "join hands" with each other instead of "letting go" of each other's hands. We need to "tear down walls," not to "erect walls."

-- China will reach out its arms and offer countries in the world more opportunities of market, investment and growth. Together, we can achieve development for all.

-- We must uphold the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation. We need to build trust rather than second-guess each other; we need to join hands rather than throw punches at each other; and we need to consult rather than slander each other. Bearing in mind the common interests that bind us all, countries need to work together to make economic globalization more open, inclusive and balanced for the benefits of all.

-- As we often say in China, "Those who do not make their way to the Great Wall are not true heroes." Now, at a time of formidable challenges facing the world economy, it is imperative that we bolster confidence and courage to tide over this difficult period together. China will join hands with all other countries to create opportunities in opening up, tackle difficult problems through cooperation, and foster a brighter future for humanity.

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