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Festive atmosphere in Lhasa's New Year Market

2021-01-27 16:38:00China Tibet Online

In recent years, people’s life quality has continuously improved, and their sense of ceremony for various traditional festivals has also become stronger. With the approaching Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, citizens of Lhasa have begun to buy their New Year’s goods. While ensuring the supply of the Lhasa New Year Market during the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year, the epidemic prevention and control work has not been compromised.

Walking into the Barkhor Shopping Mall, this reporter saw chemar boxes and other New Year goods on full display in shops. During the Tibetan New Year, local people will put fried wheat grains and tsampa in these boxes along with highland barley ear, red ear flowers and butter sculptures, which symbolize a good life and good luck. This is an indispensable item for many citizens of Lhasa.

“As the Spring Festival and the Tibetan New Year approach, our business is particularly good, with a daily turnover of about 5,000 yuan,” Zhawang, owner of a chemar box store, told the reporter.

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