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Young Tibetan pursues dream in limelight

2020-08-18 10:50:00Xinhua

Unlike her metropolitan peers who frequent exquisite cafes, restaurants and shopping malls for shoots, Tibetan internet celebrity Losang Drolma likes to set her scenes in rural orchards, woods and plantations.

Born in Gyaca County, Shannan City in Tibet Autonomous Region, the 24-year-old now works for a local e-commerce center, which provides services such as express delivery, online shopping guidance and marketing.

Her latest short video on Douyin, also known as TikTok, was shot in a blueberry orchard leading up to the upcoming blueberry festival in her county. In front of the camera, she picked fresh blueberries with local villagers, and invited the audience to come and have a taste.

"I have been sharing my short videos on several platforms, and currently there are over 1,700 followers on Douyin," said Losang Drolma. "I'm so excited that the number is still growing daily.

In 2018, after having graduated from university, Losang Drolma participated in a free e-commerce training session sponsored by the local government, which secured her a position at Gyaca County's e-commerce center.

After two years' office work, she finally got an opportunity to come from behind the scenes to the fore.

In June, she was asked to do a livestreaming session on internet platform Taobao Live to promote local specialties, which lasted for around two hours and reached a sales record of over 600,000 yuan (around 86,485 U.S. dollars).

Losang Drolma's first show in the limelight soon gained her popularity among local netizens, some of whom could even recognize her on the street and ask for a picture with her.

Since then, Losang Drolma has become a regular livestreamer to help local villagers promote their goods like blueberries, walnuts and traditional herbs. She frequently visits different villages to check if there are new products she can work on.

"It seems to be an easy job to talk to the audience and sell things in front of the camera, but actually it takes a lot of efforts to make it better," Losang Drolma said.

To attract more followers, she keeps learning from other popular livestreamers by analyzing their videos.

Tibet has seen rapid growth in its logistics industry in recent years, and online shopping, which used to be difficult due to geographic and transportation factors, has become popular in the region.

To form an e-commerce service network and help locals get jobs or start up their own businesses, the autonomous region had set up hundreds of e-commerce service centers in villages, towns and counties in its agricultural and pastoral areas by April.

Last year, the total amount of e-commerce transactions in Gyaca County exceeded 25 million yuan, with an increase of around 96 percent year on year. More than 4,000 farmers, herders, and college graduates received e-commerce training, according to statistics released by the county's e-commerce center.

Thanks to an improved logistics network, Losang Drolma bought a new smartphone online from Shenzhen, a city over 3,500 km away from her hometown, and received it within only five days. "With its higher pixels and more functions, I'm now better prepared for the upcoming livestream session in October," she said.

Riding on the wave of livestreaming sales and the ever-improving system of e-commerce in Tibet, more and more young people in the region are realizing their dreams of becoming a livestreaming video star.

"Helping more people via e-commerce gives me a great sense of self-fulfillment," Losang Drolma said. "I hope more people can see the beauty of Tibet through my livestreaming shows."

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