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Lhasa: promote environmental improvement, built beautiful and livable village

2021-01-29 16:42:00China Tibet Online

In recent years, Ma Village in Ma Town, Dulong Dechen District, Lhasa, has invested more than 20 million yuan to promote rural environment improvement.

Phurba Drolgar, a villager, has two children. In the past, she and her husband earned a living doing handyman work all year round. The situation improved in 2015. That year, Ma Village promoted the “poverty elimination through industry” initiative and established sanitation worker positions. With the help of the village committee, Phurba Drolgar became a sanitation worker and achieved employment. 

“This job as a sanitation worker has allowed me to work close to home and earn a salary of more than 2,100 yuan a month.”Phurba Drolgar said. 

The activities of “three transformations and one renovating” (transforming kitchens, toilets, and bedrooms and renovating courtyards) and sorting and exchanging garbage have all played roles in improving the living environment of the village and raising villagers’ awareness of hygiene. 

In the home of a 71-year-old villager named Wanggyur Tsering, the private shower, bathroom, and kitchen are spacious and bright. While talking to reporters visiting his house, the elderly Wanggyur Tsering said, “The overall conditions have improved after ‘three transformations and one renovation’. We also pay more attention to personal and family hygiene.” 

It is understood that to date, the relevant Dulong Dechen District departments have carried out “three transformations and one renovation” work for 50 villagers in Ma Village, with a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for renovations and 1,000 yuan for household appliances per household. 

According to reports, Ma Village has also continued to carry out work on paving roads, diverting rain and sewage, putting up street lamps, planting greenery, environmental purification, and other projects aimed at improving infrastructure. The village has also put into use fitness facilities and cultural squares.

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