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New "identity card" for ancient trees in Lhasa 

2019-12-23 10:49:00China Tibet Online

50 more trees were added to the ancient tree list of Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet, after a general survey was carried out this summer. Among the more than 2,231 trees, there are 14 main tree species, including peach, spruce, cedar, pine, and willow trees.   

It is understood that ancient trees in Lhasa are divided into three levels: old trees aged 300 years or more are classified for Level 1 protection; old trees aged 100 years to 300 years are classified for Level 2 protection; trees older than 50 years are classified for Level 3 protection.

These ancient trees include both groups of trees and scattered trees growing in residential areas. In order to strengthen the protection and management of those trees, as well as popularization of scientific knowledge on them, each tree's basic information, historical and cultural stories, daily maintenance, supervising units, protection recommendations, and photos was recorded into an information system so as to produce a QR code protection card of the tree. By scanning the code, citizens can see the tree's basic information, geographical locations, growth status, protection level, and high-definition image.

"Zongjiao Lukang Park has a lot of towering ancient trees. Although these ancient trees are familiar to us, we still need more information to understand them further. Now, it is much more convenient. You can get all the information by scanning the QR code. It enriches my knowledge," Zhou Kang, a citizen who often comes to the park for morning exercises, said.

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