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Foundation of Lhasa’s “three-hour comprehensive traffic circle” formed

2020-11-30 10:52:00China Tibet Online

In recent years, a large number of construction projects such as Lhasa’s South Ring Road, North Ring Road, West Ring Road, and the Ngaqen Bridge have been completed and put into use, which has promoted economic development around Lhasa and improved people’s livelihoods.

Recently, reporters learned from the Lhasa Municipal Transportation Bureau that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period (2016-2020), Lhasa completed an investment of 46.39 billion yuan (about 7 billion US dollars) in fixed transportation assets (including the construction projects of the Autonomous Region Transportation Department in Lhasa), which was 133 construction projects with a total mileage of 2,437.7 kilometers. A large number of key projects, such as the Lhasa-Nyingchi high-grade highway and the Lhasa Municipal Ring Road, have been completed and opened for traffic. The Lhasa-Shigatse high-grade highway and Nagchu-Lhasa high-grade highway are rapidly advancing. The foundations for the “three hour comprehensive traffic circle” and “two-hour economic circle”, centered on Lhasa, have been formed, and they will help integrate development between Lhasa and Shannan.

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