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Drones “Plant Trees in the Sky”, Greening of Lhasa Accelerates

2024-04-26 16:56:00China Tibet Online

In 2021, Xizang officially launched the afforestation project in the South and North Mountains of Lhasa. According to the plan, 206,7200 mu of afforestation will be completed in 10 years and Lhasa will be built into an ecological and livable provincial capital city on the plateau with “lush mountains in the south and north and lucid waters surrounding the ancient city”. Xizang has planned to complete the afforestation of more than 450,000 mu in the South and North Mountains of Lhasa in 2024. Compared to carrying by people and horses, it is less difficult to plant trees on the plateau with high mountains, steep slopes, and a lack of water by using technologies such as drones.

To promote the afforestation project in the South and North Mountains of Lhasa with high quality and efficiency, technology plays a crucial role. Recently, at Togde Gully, Chengguan District, Lhasa, the journalist saw agricultural plant protection drones transport the earth removed from some other place to improve the local soil to the hillside in just 1 minute at the command of the operator. Tree planter Pasang Tashi said, “The mountains are steep here. It is convenient and safe to use drones.”

Drone operator Tsewang said, “It takes an hour for a mule to go back and forth on our hillside. It transports 20 trees each trip. Now, a drone can carry 6 to 8 trees each trip. It only takes 6 minutes for a trip. A drone can do the work of 8 to 14 mules a day.”

It is reported that each area solves problems such as slow manual transportation and safety hazards due to steep terrain by transporting soil and trees with drones and other means. Besides, many kinds of tools including cableways and winches are also used in the construction of the afforestation project.

Nowadays, the afforestation project in the South and North Mountains of Lhasa is carried out in full swing.  


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