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Unique peacock costume in Burang, Ngari

2020-07-30 16:29:00China Tibet Online

In Burang County, Ngari prefecture, Tibet, there are a total of 12 varieties of colorful costumes with different styles for men and women in which the “XUAN” costume is the most distinctive. As the “XUAN” costume is closely related with a Tibetan opera character, who wears the costume, flying back to heaven, the costume is called as “costume for flying to heaven” or “peacock costume”. 

In Burang, there are only seven sets of peacock costumes passed down from generation to generation. The costume is decorated with various precious jewels; it is so attracting that one cannot look away once see it. 

In order to better protect and inherit this splendid national culture, in 2008, the “XUAN” costume was included in the state-level intangible cultural heritage list. 

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