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Lhasa issues plan on historic city protection

2019-12-20 15:16:00Xinhua

Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has made a plan to further strengthen the protection of the historic city.

The Lhasa Municipal Government held a press conference on the protection plan Wednesday to introduce the city's historical and cultural resources, content and principles of the plan.

The protection plan covers an area of 29,518 square km in the city proper of Lhasa.

The content of the plan includes sorting out the development and cultural characteristics of Lhasa in various historical periods, constructing an overall framework suitable for the development of Lhasa, and formulating specific and targeted management regulations, to name a few.

Boasting a history of over 1,300 years, Lhasa is home to a number of cultural heritage sites and temples, palaces and other buildings that are under state protection.

The protection plan adheres to the three basic principles of protecting and inheriting the real carrier of history, protecting the overall historical environment and paying attention to the rational and sustainable utilization of cultural and historical heritage, so as to promote the effective combination of Lhasa's city value and function.

The plan is of great significance to the overall protection of the historical and cultural heritage of Lhasa, according to officials at the press conference.

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