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People in Lhasa busy with making dried yak meet

2018-12-12 16:24:00China Tibet Online

Over 15,000 kilograms of Yak Meat was sold daily in Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region since the Yak Meat Sales Event was held, which has been going on for two days.

Dried yak meat is a kind of unique food item for Tibetans. Every year when winter comes, people from all over Tibet begin to buy fresh yak meat to make dries yak meat In order to meet the demand of Lhasa citizens for yak meat, the city has carried out the Yak Meat Sales Event for two consecutive years.  

60-year-old Lhakpa Drolma is preparing to buy more than 50 kilograms of fresh yak meat from Damshung County. She has also shared tips on making dried yak meat. Lhakpa Drolma said that dried yak meat is a traditional Tibetan food, and it is even more essential during the Tibetan New Year. The best time to make dried yak meat is from the end of November to the beginning of December, when the temperatures in Lhasa have dropped below zero degrees Celsius. 

According to Lhakpa Drolma, the size of the yak meat strips is also very particular. Generally, two fingers wide and one finger thick is a good size, though of course the size should be smaller when there are elderly people at home. If an elderly person’s teeth are not so good, you can cut the meat strip even smaller. The cut yak meat is then dried in the shade of the house, and after one and a half months or two months, it can be eaten directly. 

Lhakpa Drolma said that high-quality dried yak meat has a special flavor. As it has been weathered and becomes frozen at night, the meat is crispy and delicious.






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