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Nagqu relieves over 80,000 people from poverty in three years

2018-12-27 10:39:00China Tibet Online

At a press conference held on December 19th for summing up economic and social development over the past 40 years since Reform and Opening-up in Tibet, Wu Chunkui, director of the Poverty-Reduction Committee in Nagqu, said that since 2016, Nagqu City has had 19.1 thousand households and 82.3 thousand residents alleviated from poverty, with the poverty rate reduced to 8.6%.   

The average altitude in Nagqu is above 4500 meters, and it has the highest average altitude for a prefecture-level city in China.  

Wu said as of now, there are 811 fewer villages at poverty level, and per capita net income of residents get rid of poverty has reached 10,781 yuan(1565 US dollars).







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