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Drama North Courtyard on Barkhor Street polished and on show

2020-07-16 16:52:00China Tibet Online

On the evening of July 10, after more than a year of polishing and upgrading, the Tibet  Autonomous Region Opera Troupe restaged the drama North Courtyard on Barkhor Street again.

North Courtyard on Barkhor Street is based on an old courtyard located on Barkhor Street in the center of Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

It tells the story of Tibetan, Han, Hui, and other multi-ethnic residents who have lived here around an old well for hundreds of years, spanning more than 40 years of history and together moving towards a happy life with each passing day.

The actors’ curtain call after the performance.

A still picture from North Courtyard on Barkhor Street.

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