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Tibet builds professional platform to promote intelligent speech technology

2019-12-31 11:39:00China Tibet Online

The Intelligent Tibetan Speech Technology Research and Development and Application Laboratory was established in Lhasa, Tibet on December 24. It will absorb several Tibetan local language families in the future.

Champa Tsering, deputy inspector of the Tibet Autonomous Region Economic and Information Technology Bureau, said that this project is an important research and development platform for the development and application of the integration of ethnic language and phonology with modern information technology.

Currently, the mobile APP “Tibetan Translation” developed by Gaochi Technology Co., Ltd, an achievement of scientific and technological transformation, has been launched. Its data bank mainly collects the U-Tsang Tibetan dialect nowadays, Amdo and Kham dialects will be added later.

“Tibetan Translation” has been downloaded by 80,000 users in the three months since it has been launched. It can perform mutual translation between Tibetan and Chinese in topics of politics, transportation, medical care, and culture. And it has 90 percent accuracy rate for text recognition and 70-80 percent accuracy rate for conversion between speech and text.

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