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Multi-national guests visit Lhasa, Tibet

2019-07-02 09:51:00China Tibet Online

On June 13, nearly 160 Chinese and foreign guests from 37 countries came to Lhasa in the Tibet Autonomous Region for surveys and visits and to experience the development and progress that has been achieved in the 60 years since democratic reforms in Tibet in 1959.

During the one-day trip, the guests visited the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, the site of the office of the Qing Government’s resident minister. They also watched a performance of the large-scale live-action drama Princess Wencheng and fully experienced the achievements made in cultural inheritance and cultural relics preservation.

On that day, guests also visited Nagchu No. 2 High School in, Lhasa to learn about modern education in Tibet and the lives of students.

“Modern education in Tibet is very good, and the school environment is also good. The teachers’ lectures are serious and passionate. The most important thing is that students go to school free of charge,” said Rashid from Iraq.

The guests also came to the Memorial Hall of the Emancipation of One Million Serfs of Tibet to fully understand the profound changes that have taken place in the Tibet Autonomous Region during 60 years of democratic reforms.

Rashid from Iraq said: “It is very difficult to lay power lines in such geographical environment in Tibet. Now the construction of Tibet’s power facilities is very good. It can be seen that China has put a lot of effort into this area. This is what impresses me most.”

Guests visit the Memorial Hall of the Emancipation of One Million Serfs of Tibet.

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