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Calligraphers send blessings to political advisors

2021-02-04 10:42:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the Tibet Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Lhasa City Federation of Literacy and Art Circles organized eight calligraphers at the Holy Land Paradise Hotel in Lhasa to send blessings and spring festival couplets to members of the Tibet regional committee of CPPCC.

Large red and gold couplets were cut and neatly placed on a table, ready to welcome the “first stroke” of ink. As the members of the Tibet regional committee of CPPCC came in one after another, the Tibetan and Chinese characters for blessings in couplets of different styles and schools were born from the hands of the calligraphers, offering good wishes to the “Two Sessions” of Tibet Autonomous region. 

“I came here with other calligraphers to write Spring Festival couplets and calligraphy messages for the committee members,” Gao Yanhong, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Chinese Artists Association, vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region Calligraphers Association, and chairman of the Lhasa Municipal Calligraphers Association, said. “It is a great honor. This not only further promotes traditional culture, but also gives everyone New Year blessings and wishes.”


Calligraphers at work.

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