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A new vocational check-in mode in Tibet

2022-05-17 15:44:00China Tibet Online

During the May Day holiday, a new outdoor check-in mode gets hot and is sought after by many people in Tibet, which is featured by “camping + rafting + hiking”. Citizens of Lhasa, inviting their friends or accompanying relatives, set out to the Conggo Village in Palho Town, Nyingchi to start their vacation.

At present, rafting is in its infancy in Tibet. In recent years, Tibet has held a series of activities to promote water outdoor projects. In 2019, in the "2019 National Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp and the 5th Youth Mountaineering Outdoor Summer Camp" sponsored by the Sports Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibet Mountaineering Team organized and carried out the field rafting activity in the Togde Gully. In 2020, at the 18th "Third Pole" China’s Tibet Mountaineering, the kayaking performance was staged for the first time on the Zangboqu River in Yangbajain Town.







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