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Chongqing holds "long banquet" as Spring Festival nears

2020-01-21 16:06:00Xinhua

Locals and tourists have participated in a traditional "1,000-meter-long banquet" in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality as they welcome the coming Lunar New Year.

More than 20,000 tourists were among the guests served local delicacies at the banquet along a street in Chongqing's Zhongshan Old Town.

Red lanterns decorated the houses along the street, while sweet wine, steamed pork and smoked tofu delighted visitors.

"The event displays our tradition and culture and gives tourists a glimpse of how locals celebrate the Lunar New Year," said Liu Donglin, former head of the local cultural unit.

Residents of the town traditionally hold these banquets to welcome the Spring Festival, which falls on Jan. 25 this year. In the past, the town was a busy port, and locals would prepare food along the street to cater to business people and porters who could not make it home for family gatherings.

In 2005, locals decided to boost local tourism by resuming the tradition.

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