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Chinese New Year festivities begin in Belgium

2020-01-21 16:03:00Xinhua

A multicultural festival was held in the eastern Belgian city of Liege on Saturday to greet the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, a celebration also known as the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The upcoming Chinese Year of the Rat will start on Jan. 25, 2020. The event is celebrated all over the world by the Chinese community.

Saturday's festivities started with a colorful parade in downtown Liege, followed by a series of cultural performances, a temple fair and a grand gala at the Liege Convention Center.

At the Liege-Gillemins train station, eight groups from all over Belgium appeared in quick succession, performing dance routines, a "cheongsam" show, an umbrella dance, Qigong performance, among others.

Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Cao Zhongming said: "The Chinese and overseas Chinese in Belgium live in harmony with the local people and abide by the law. They have contributed to the economic development of Belgium with hard work. They are enthusiastic about public welfare and serve the local society."

"The Chinese community and Chinese companies in Belgium, through their spontaneous action, will donate 17,500 euros (19,410 U.S. dollars) to the Truffaut-Delbrouck Solidarity Fund, a charity in Liege," Cao said.




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