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[Video] Singing a folk song for the Party

2018-05-09 14:14:00China Tibet Online


In Jingzhoi Village of Gyaimain Township, Chongye County in Lhoka, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, two sisters express their love for the motherland through a song.

The song Beautiful Tibet, Lovely Hometown was sung by 68-year-old Shelo Drolma and her younger sister, 66-year-old Choeje, in their living room, without a grand stage or accompanying instruments, but full of sincere emotions to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the emancipation of millions of serfs in Tibet.

"We, the older generation, have a special feeling for the Communist Party and Chairman Mao. Today, life is good, and we live in comfort in our old age. Usually we gather to sing songs as a way to remember and to express our patriotism," Shelo Drolma said.

Lyrics of the song are translated as follows: 

The red sun rises over the plateau 

Shining light over the snow mountains and grasslands 

Cattle and sheep are stout and strong, and the scent of barley is everywhere 

The Tibetan people are radiant with joy 

Ah, beautiful hometown! 

Lovely Tibet 

Beautiful Tibet, lovely hometown 


Socialist construction has made great progress

The hometown changes every day 


People of different ethnicities are united

The news of victory is spread everywhere 

Having happy lives, we do not forget the Communist Party 

The army and civilians protect the borders 

…… Beautiful Tibet, lovely hometown 

Beautiful Tibet, the border of the motherland! 

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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