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Dressmaker Drolma: I only do one thing in my whole life

2018-11-14 10:54:00|

"As the oldest daughter in my family of five girls, my family has only asked me to do one thing, to make Tibetan clothes. This is also what I most love to do," said Drolma, the inheritor of Tibetan clothing sewing skill, a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Drolma began to learn making clothes when she was 15-years-old, but it wasn't until 10 years later that she made her first set of Tibetan clothes. Today, the 55-year-old Drolma has her own Tibetan clothing company, with bestselling products for local and nearby regions. Whenever she sits in front of the sewing machine, watching the clothes being created, she feels the same kind of satisfaction and sense of achievement as before.

The Tibetan fashion of Benzilan Township in the Dechen County of Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunan is made with vivid colors and intricate designs, staying faithful to traditional Tibetan style while also featuring local character in the headdress, the pleated dress, etc. Tibetan clothes are very important in the Tibetans' lifestyle, with everyone having at least one set, which is needed during weddings, funerals, holidays, and dance ceremonies, etc.

"I haven't even finished the orders made before this year's Spring Festival yet," said Drolma. Her factory makes Tibetan clothes in many styles, for both formal occasions and daily living, which are priced from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. The clothes' amazing craftsmanship has made them collectibles at several museums.

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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